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Surfacing Contractors in Sussex | Specialist Plant and Machinery

As a civil engineering company committed to delivering efficient solutions, we have a range of specialist equipment on hand. Surfacing contractors and construction engineers across every department are always provided with suitable, well-maintained tools, plant and machinery. This enables them to carry out services to the highest standard, whether working on utilities, roads or building developments. As adept reinstatement contractors, we also provide a range of materials to best meet the needs of your project in Sussex or the surrounding counties.

To ensure every aspect of construction meets industry standards, it is vital for contractors to use suitable equipment and machinery for each individual task. With dedicated departments including planning, logistics and safety divisions, we fully assess the requirements of every project, providing the most appropriate solutions.

Grab Lorries

Because our surfacing contractors work on projects of every scale, it is important to have efficient transportation available for the supply of materials in all quantities.

Grab lorries are the perfect solution for simple delivery of all kinds of bagged and loose materials for utilities, surfacing and construction requirements. Hydraulic grab arms remove the need for manual labour, improving safety as well as productivity. All operatives are fully trained in the proper use of machinery.

Grab vehicles are also ideal for the removal of waste materials, ensuring your site in Sussex remains clear and functional. At 360 Civil Engineering, we deliver effective waste management solutions which remove potential hazards and maximise site efficiency.

Diggers & Dumpers

Our construction engineers regularly work on projects which require various excavations as well as moving loose materials around site. Our surfacing and reinstatement contractors also have to handle the removal, transport and replacement of different materials.

For both safety and efficiency, it is essential to have the proper plant on site. We provide suitable diggers and dumpers for each project in Surrey and Sussex, whether working on utilities or construction.

Test Equipment

As a reputable civil engineering company, all our surfacing contractors and engineers strive to deliver outstanding results on every job. One way we ensure the quality of our work is by investing in modern test equipment.

This enables us to accurately analyse all kinds of construction materials such as soils, cement and aggregates. This is an important step in quality control and gives construction engineers the assurance that materials meet our high standards.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As well as specialist plant and machinery, we also make sure all employees, including reinstatement contractors, are equipped with relevant PPE for each task they carry out. This is a vital aspect of maintaining health and safety across every site in Sussex.

We thoroughly assess the needs of every job and ensure equipment is well-maintained, replacing it when necessary.

Call us today on 01883 212 850 for civil engineers and surfacing contractors in Sussex, Surrey and the South of England who uphold professional standards on every project.