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Construction Engineers in Kent Committed to Customer Care

As a community-focused civil engineering company, we are proud to provide services which emphasise our commitment to customer care. All surfacing contractors, construction engineers and other employees share our core beliefs in delivering complete satisfaction and giving back to local communities. As such, we have a number of measures and initiatives in place to ensure your project in Kent receives the highest quality of care.

Whether you are in the public or private sector, including utilities, our reinstatement contractors and civil engineers work closely with you to assess and fulfil your specific needs.

Office Administration

At 360 Civil Engineering Ltd, we are proud to have a dedicated office administration team who deal directly with our customers on a day-to-day basis. While construction engineers handle the practical elements of our services, our administrative department work behind the scenes to ensure the satisfaction of every client in Surrey and Kent.

Dealing professionally with all public and customer enquiries and concerns, no matter how complex, the team provide reassurance and clarification. If necessary, our administrators can also arrange for a manager to visit you for your complete peace of mind.


Leading our skilled team of surfacing contractors and construction engineers are various managers with many years’ experience in civil engineering. With two directors and dedicated logistical, works and safety managers, we ensure every aspect of your project in Kent receives the closest attention to detail.

With meticulous planning and implementation, we make sure our solutions meet your exact requirements. From replacing utilities to constructing buildings, our engineers and reinstatement contractors deliver expert services that are tailored to individual customers, projects and communities.

Always on hand to answer any queries from the public or our clients, our management team maintain effective communication and efficient problem resolution at all times.

Out-of-Hours Services

Truly committed to providing the best possible service to our customers, our engineers and surfacing contractors are always available to resolve any issues at our sites in Kent and the South of England. We have construction engineers on call at weekends to quickly address problems as they arise.

Every customer is also provided with management numbers for direct contact and swift solutions.

Local Communities

Our construction, surfacing and reinstatement contractors don’t just care about our clients. Across the company, we instil a sense of dedication to the local communities in which we work.

When carrying out work on utilities and construction projects, we always keep communities in mind, making sure work meets the best interests of the public as well as our customers. This includes incorporating environmental initiatives into company policies and doing our best to support local charities.

To talk to our construction engineers about our customer care initiatives in Surrey, Kent and Sussex, call us today on 01883 212 850.